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Project discussion notes

Day 1: March 12, 2024 - CU Boulder

Selected scientific question:

Overarching Research Question: How do different combinations of disturbances (fire, beetle outbreak, and drought) affect aboveground carbon in the Southern Rockies ecoregion?

Specific questions: - What is the relative importance of different disturbances shaping above ground carbon (or drivers of above ground carbon) - At what spatial scales do different disturbances affect above ground carbon? - How does time since disturbance impact above ground carbon in terms of recovery? (recovery) - How does the trajectory of carbon recovery vary among different combinations of disturbances (disturbance history) *

Project Goal

Train a predictive model across disturbance regimes while understanding drivers of above ground carbon storage across the southern rocky mountain region.

Minimum Viable Product

Model: Forest carbon ~ tsF * tsD * tsB + environment Environment - climate, soil, NDVI, spectral diversity, management status, elevation, slope, pft_class (plant functional type class),

Reach Goals

  • Build wall-to-wall predictions of forest carbon
  • Spatial scaling of model
  • Causal model
  • Ski resorts/other management regimes

Day 2: March 13, 2024 - CU Boulder

Dataset is accessible. Goals/splitting up work:

  1. Data cleaning/wrangling
  2. Exploratory figures
  3. Training RF model
  4. Baseline kriging model
  5. Documentation

Day 3: March 14, 2024 - CU Boulder

  • Finalized presentation on github pages website.
  • Split up presentation between group members.

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