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LANDFIRE Public Events Geodatabase

From 'LANDFIRE Product Descriptions with References'

The LF National (LF 1.X) Public Events Geodatabase is a collection of recent natural disturbance and land management activities used to update existing vegetation and fuel layers during LF Program deliverables. Public Events exclude proprietary and/or sensitive data. This geodatabase includes three feature classes - Raw Events, Model Ready Events, and Exotics. The Public Raw and Model Ready Event feature classes include natural disturbance and vegetation/fuel treatment data. The Public Exotics feature class contains data on the occurrence of exotic or invasive plant species. There is also a look up table for the source code (lutSource_Code), an attribute found in all three feature classes. The source code is an LF internal code assigned to each data source. Consult thetable“lutSource_Code” in thegeodatabases for more information about the data sources included in, and excluded from, releases. The data compiled in the three feature classes are collected from disparate sources including federal, state, local, and private organizations. All data submitted to LF are evaluated for inclusion into the LF Events geodatabase. Acceptable Event data must have the following minimum requirements to be included in the Events geodatabase: 1) be represented by a polygon on the landscape and have a defined spatial coordinate system 2) have an acceptable event type (Appendix B) or exotics plant species 3) be attributed with year of occurrence or observation of the current data call.


The LANDFIRE public events geodatabase contents description is available here.

This document provides a description of how polygon data of disturbans and treatments are evaluated and processed into the LANDFIRE Events geodatabase.

The Raw and Model Ready Events Data Dictionary is available here.

Note that this is a large geodatabase (> 1 million polygons). Recommend filtering as soon as possible.

The relevant layers within the .gdb file are:

  • CONUS_230_PublicExotics
  • CONUS_230_PublicModelReadyEvents
  • CONUS_230_PublicRawEvents


Storage location:


Example access script:

system("cp -r ~/data-store/data/iplant/home/shared/earthlab/forest_carbon_codefest/Disturbance/LF_Public_Events_1999_2022 ~/LF_Events") #move the data first!!

landfireEvents <- sf::st_read("~/LF_Events/LF_Public_Events_1999_2022.gdb",
                              layer = "CONUS_230_PublicModelReadyEvents")


# [1] "Thinning"          "Other Mechanical"  "Prescribed Fire"   "Herbicide"        
# [5] "Clearcut"          "Harvest"           "Wildfire"          "Mastication"      
# [9] "Wildland Fire"     "Chemical"          "Development"       "Biological"       
# [13] "Weather"           "Planting"          "Reforestation"     "Insects"          
# [17] "Seeding"           "Disease"           "Wildland Fire Use" "Insects/Disease"  
# [21] "Insecticide"  

landfireFireEvents <- landfireEvents |> dplyr::filter(Event_Type == "Wildfire" | 
                                                        Event_Type == "Wildland Fire Use" |
                                                        Event_Type == "Prescribed Fire" |
                                                        Event_Type == "Wildland Fire" |
                                                        Event_Type == "Fire")

Last update: 2024-03-18