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Virtual meeting recordings

There are three virtual meetings associated with the Forest Carbon Codefest. The recordings of those meetings are available here:

Virtual meeting #1

This orientation meeting focused a number of broad underlying themes related to data, open science, and teamwork.

  • Introduction to ESIIL and the event
  • Working in diverse groups and what makes good teams
  • Data sovereignty and responsible use
  • Fundamentals of open science

Virtual meeting #2

This training focused on the use of markdown, github, and cyverse for cloud-based collaboration and documentation of codefest projects.

The spreadsheet to record your github username is here. Note that it may take a few days to get your username added to the github team required to push and pull from the team repos.

Virtual meeting #3

This orientation is focused on getting your mind working on what might be possible for your team to accomplish during the Forest Carbon Codefest. We discuss access to data that you have available, multiple different perspectives on forest carbon, and how you may want to pull it all together.

Last update: 2024-03-18